Is Abebooks Legit, Trustworthy, owned by Amazon? FIND OUT

Is Abebooks reliable? 

Abebooks is eBay for old books and I have really stumbled upon some good finds there.

Note: If you’re ordering international editions, you should bear in mind that they will have different homework problems and is printed with cheaper quality paper. If you don’t mind, then Abebooks is worth your time.

Some of the sellers on this marketplace are legit too, although like anything I am, sure there will be bad apples on there too.

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Is Abebooks Legit?

Yes, abebooks is legit. However, you are doing business with the seller, not AbeNooks. It’s like eBay, you should work with vendors with longstanding good reputation. AbeBooks is simply a listing database.

The site itself is trustworthy but it manages transactions with vendors, so your mileage may differ. I recommend doing as you would on eBay by looking for actual reviews. 6 months would be fine, and I wouldn’t purchase from any seller/vendor with no sales history. At least, if the sum wasn’t too great, I would email them and inquire and weigh the response.

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Is Abebooks Trustworthy?

Yes, it is trusted. In fact, I’ve used it before and had luck. However, you should Verify that the book is not the international edition.

International editions are printed on cheaper paper, have different ISBN, sometimes have different chapter exercises, etc. – worth it to check w/professor before purchasing one. Often they don’t have supplemental materials, either. They are legal, just cheap versions.

Is Abebooks Legit

Is Abebooks Owned by Amazon?

Yes, Abebooks is a legitimate website owned by Amazon. The cheap price on there is because the books are international version. That’s not really a bad thing, except that the paperback might differ and the book will be produced with lower quality paper. There might be some international versions that will be missing a chapter or two – if this is the case, you should be able to Google around to see reviews.

So, is abebooks legit? Yes, 100% trusted.

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