The Woman that Men Adore by Bob Grant – Full Review

The dream of every young woman is to be the woman that men adore. This is not to say you as a woman need to live your life pleasing a man. In fact, doing that is the exact opposite way of attracting a man.

To be a woman that attracts a man is to be a real woman.

You have to be yourself, honoring yourself. When you do that good men will always come your way.

Do you feel like you’re wasting your time being in a relationship? I’ll advise you not to be. This is the reason for this article. It’s to show you a product that has worked for people that were once like you.

This Woman that Men Adore review will give you tangible reasons on why you should get this eBook. I will also show you how this eBook has helped countless number of women in maintaining a relationship. The review will also show you what downside of the book that you need to prepare for.

What is the Woman that Men Adore?

The Woman Men Adore eBook promises to help you as a woman build a lasting and healthy relationship.

It is written by Bob Grant. Bob is a relationship coach who over the past 20 years has helped women achieve lasting relationships. As a counsellor, he has counselled thousands of women who have been distraught with relationships.

Combining the field of psychology and sociology, Bob has learnt about how men and women functions, and have applied those lessons toward building quality relationships.

The Woman that Men Adore is a program that distills some of Bob’s working formulae to give women lasting relationships. In this section, I’ll show you a peak of the eBook and why it will be of benefits to you.

One thing to note is that the program is easy to follow. If you can read this, there’s every chances that you will be able to absorb the practical lessons offered in it.

The eBook is divided into five modules. Let’s look at them by each module.

Module 1

In this module, you’ll learn the six qualities that you need to develop to attract a man. These qualities are simple ones yet most people don’t know about them. You’ll learn how to make these qualities come natural to you.

You’ll also learn some qualities that are non-beneficial for relationships. There are qualities that make you look desperate. In the first module, you’ll learn those qualities and how to avoid them.

There are some mistakes women make when complimented. This might seem harmless if the person complimenting you is a fellow woman or a man you have no interest in. If you make these mistakes with a man who’s hitting on you, you might put him off.

You’ll also learn about things men crave about women. There’s a thin line about a man’s craving and what can make him leave. These and many more you’ll learn in this module.

Module 2

This module contains seven chapters. These chapters deal with male psychology. In this module, Bob will show you with anecdotes and theories backed by science on how men think. You will get to enter into the men’s brains and see their general behaviors on dealing with women.

Understanding men will help you make them listen. You’ll learn how men react to words and how you can make them listen by applying some tips Bob will show you.

You’ll also learn how to share your feelings with a man that doesn’t burden him. Well, who likes to be burdened? Not even a man that’s actively with you will like to be bothered. In his more than two decades of being a relationship coach, Bob knows the right ways to share your feelings with your man.

The way you respond when you’re upset can damage your relationship. You will learn to right way to respond whenever you’re disturbed so as to save your relationship.

The Woman that Men Adore

Module 3

In this module, you’ll learn how to listen to your heart. Sometimes, our hearts give us clues but we dismiss them when we’re head over heels in love with someone.

You’ll learn how to take it one step at a time, keeping it slowly when dealing with men. When dealing with men, you need them to commit to you. An uncommitted man in a relationship will take it nowhere. This module will show you what you should watch out for in any man. It also shows you how to do that discreetly.

Men naturally create barriers when dealing with people not close to them. Learn how to break this barrier in this module. By the time you’re done with this barrier, you’ll know how to keep the toughest man enchanted by you.

Relationship should be beneficial to both of you. You should get something from it too. Learn about the little selfishness you need without breaking the relationship.

Module 4

The module 4 of The Woman Men Adore will teach you about perception and personality. It turns out that we relate with people based on our perception of them.

You’ll learn how to perceive people better by using a psychological tool developed by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham. This tool “Joharri Window”, is a very powerful tool in behavioral psychology.

Men are creatures of desire. This module will hand you a button that can help you stimulate the desires that’ll make him crazy about you. Crazy in a positive note! That needs to be said.

When a man prioritizes you, he become attentive to your need. You can only make this happen when you appeal to his emotions.

However, the most ways women appeal to men’s emotions tend to make them resent the women. Even the ones they love. Learn the right way to stir this emotion from this module.

You also need to learn how to speak to a man. Perception comes both ways. He has to perceive you to be someone to be valued. One way to make that happen is how you speak to him. Speaking to him like one of his girlfriends is one way to reduce the values he places on you. This module will show you how to talk to your man to remain valuable.

Finally, a man has to desire you. He has to fantasize about you. This module will show you how to make him fantasize over your body.

Module 5

In this module, which is the final one, you’ll learn how to keep the relationship.

Of what use is a relationship that won’t last?

For a relationship to last, there need to be hard work from concerned party. The first step is attracting the right person. If you made it through the first four modules, you’ll know what to do to attract men. However, you don’t need to attract all men. Only serious men that will want a lasting relationship with you.

You’ll learn the men you need to avoid. Avoiding those men do not have to be rude. You’ll learn a polite way to keep them off your life.

A man has to feel you when you’re talking to them. You’ll learn how to speak to a man that he’ll listen to you. One of the major reasons that relationships fail is the lack of communication. You’ll avoid this mistake with this module.

This module will also show you one important thing about men. When men are angry, there are certain things you say to them that’ll help the situation. You’ll learn those words. If done well, your man will cuddle in your arms, after being angry five minutes earlier.

Wearing nice clothes also keep a man attracted to you. It doesn’t have to be very expensive clothes. You’ll learn about some of those clothes in this module.

Finally, you’re you man’s woman. Do not change that place in his life. Learn some behaviors that you carry out subconsciously that puts you on another place in his life. If you exhibit signs that mothers have for their children, you might end up losing the man you love.


There are several reasons why you should get The Woman Men Adore. Some of them are:

  • Easy to follow guidelines.
  • Full of relatable stories.
  • It made use of science backed theories.


These are some glitches that might put you off when ordering the eBook.

  • Only print format available. There should have been an audiobook or video format so consumers of those media can benefit from it.
  • It doesn’t have a hardcopy. For something as valuable as this, there would have been a copy that can be held.
  • No monthly membership. There’s no membership program for people who would have wanted a guided program.


The Woman Men Adore comes with a 60 days guarantee. If within the course of the 60 days, you didn’t find it of value to you, you can reach out to Bob Grant for a refund.

You’ll be refunded with no question asked.


The Woman Men Adore eBook costs $67. Alongside with it, you’ll get access to some other programs offered by Bob.

Where to Get It

You can get it at…

Final Words

The Woman Men Adore is a quality eBook that offers ladies the opportunity to create a lasting relationship. You won’t regret investing on this program. With the guarantee by the author, you have a risk-free look at the program.

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