Unlock the Scrambler Review – IT WORKS 100%

In 2014, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge created and publicly published the book Unlock the Scrambler.

As expected, we’ve done you the duty of compiling a peek into the content. How exciting, right? Let’s go!


The book centers on psychology known as the “Scrambler”. The Scrambler program has been scientifically proven to get any woman you want doing the chasing and not you doing it. 

In this book, you learn how to harness the pattern of a woman’s thought process and make her see what you want her to see. Your income, physical appearance, and age have no effect whatsoever when applying the Scrambler Technique.

The authors expose you to how to get the emotional aspect of her brain fired up and direct her thoughts completely about you. 

The effect of this is that she would want you by her side always and want to have sex with you. 

You are already in control of her thoughts and you have the power to choose the type of relationship. Maybe a friend with benefits (non-mutual) type or a friends with benefits (mutual) type.

The Unlock The Scrambler package comes in different formats all of which have their specific contents.  

The PDF, video, and mp3 audio format together complete the Unlock The Scrambler course.

Upon signing up for the program, members have access to the website‘s private forum where they post questions on a particular technique where they find it difficult to make them work or apply them.

Step By Step Divisions Of Unlock The Scrambler Course

As said before, the unlock the scrambler comes as a package in different forms PDF, audio, and videos. Each package has its specific content that addresses a part about the unlock the scrambler program.

Here are the parts:

Part 1: Closed door interview 

Part one is a closed-door interview with a guest hosted by Bobby and Rob and it’s in the audio format. In this interview, you listen to questions and answers from the unlock the scrambler course and materials. 

The information received from this part puts you on the right mindset and attitudes that guide you through the course and materials.

It explains why the techniques in the course link to one another and why the authors introduced certain tactics and left out other popular known tactics.

You get a deeper connection with the authors themselves as they explain to you how they have used the program personally.

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Part 2: Weapons of Seduction

This part is in a video format and has two parts, the Part 1 and the Part 2.

It is highly specific and the chief masters of seduction themselves Bobby and Rob, give you specific ways to seduce any woman. 

Completing this part makes the remaining course contents easier. And it’s recommended that you take notes with a pen when watching this part. 

Part 3: The Scrambler

Like the name, this part has the real weapons of unlocking the scrambler itself. Through this part, you learn how to keep a girl stuck in a relationship with you and not lose her.

What Bobby and Rob give you for this approach is what they call an “emotional spider web. It is on your part to craft this web and entrap your girl inside.

The 5 basic building blocks for crafting this ” emotional spider web” are:

  1. The pattern interrupt
  2. The power shift
  3. The validation
  4. The unpredictable rewards
  5. The physical intimacy

These steps should be followed sequentially as explained in part 1.

In addition to these steps, the authors recommend an optional 5 phases. 

Use them depending on your current relationship situation with your girlfriend.

They are:

  1. Black Out Phase
  2. Reconnaissance Phase
  3. Friendly Fire Phase
  4. Chilled Ice Phase
  5. L.U.S.T. Phase

For example, the black out phase is for guys in the friend zone and whose girl has lost interest in them.

Unlock the Scrambler Review

Part 4: L.U.S.T System

Part 4 perfectly explains what you have to do on a date when you are finally with the woman.

You are given these three steps to follow

  1. Making the first move to talk to her
  2. Texting
  3. Meeting face to face / the date.

The L.U.S.T system list these steps for a successful date

  1. Laughing
  2. Understanding
  3. Sexualizing
  4. Taking It Home

Part 5: The modules

Part 5 is in modules. These modules specifically list ways to get her emotions triggered.

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Module 1 – Thinking Counter-Intuitively & “Garbage Time”

Thinking with logic when you are in a relationship with her makes you highly predictable. 

Bobby and Rob give you a counter-intuitive approach. 

This approach works so well because it is unpredictable and tends to elicit emotions in her.

Module 2 – The Boyfriend Trap

Most guys get trapped in being too logical and lose out on an attractive girl. 

They try to prove ways to the girl that they will make a good boyfriend. Bobby names it as the boyfriend trap.

In this video of over 15 minutes, Bobby clears you on the topic of logic vs emotional thinking. 

Module 3 – Riffing & Flirting: Attraction Under-The-Radar

After getting the right attitude from modules 1 and 2, the next step is the first step in the L.U.S.T system. And that is to get her laughing.

This isn’t a comedy or a laughter routine but a burst of attractive laughter created from a burst in tension. Bobby and Rob call such kind of laughter social humor. 

This is a video format and it’s 14 minutes in length.

Module 4 – Asserting Masculinity

Guys need to express their masculinity but sadly, most guys don’t. Conflicts arise when to show female comfort and when to express their masculinity

In this module, you learn confidence and assertiveness with women.

Module 5 – Understanding beyond Rapport

Understanding a girl goes beyond understanding what she is saying. But it means understanding her true nature and using that in a way to emotionally communicate with her.

In this module of fewer than 9 minutes, Bobby and Rob teach you how to understand each specific woman you meet.

Module 6 – Separating Yourself

As explained in module 6, understanding the nature of a girl is important when communicating with her.

Bobby and Rob will show you how to separate yourself from other guys who fail to understand the nature of girls in module 6.

Module 7 – Storytelling To Elicit Emotions

Storytelling is a fast way to get her attention and to understand you better.

It exposes our vulnerability and makes us relatable with her.

In this 15 minutes video, Bobby and Rob explain some personal examples from their lives on how they used storytelling to get their attention faster. Be sure to watch it!

Module 8 – Move Towards The Sexual Way

A difficult situation usually arises when guys make a move to get physical with a girl and they get rejected.

This video of 18 minutes explains ways to build sexual tension in girls in a way that she will be expecting it in desperate anticipation.

Module 9 – Directing Conversations: “Sexual Snowballing”

Sexual snowballing means using conversations to trigger sexual tensions in a woman. 

Questions such as: 

  • When was your first kiss? 
  • When was your first crush?

And other conversations involving G-related topics gradually trigger sexual tensions in her and get her sexual feelings pumping.

This module of 9 minutes, teaches you how to use sexual conversations with her.

Module 10 – Bring Her Home “Make The Bold Step”

In the last step of the L.U.S.T system, we have “taking it home”.

In this 12 minutes video, Bobby and Rob teach you how to confidently ask a woman to come home with you.

Part 6: Invisible Escalation

We have come to the last part of the Unlock the Scrambler course. 

This part arms you with a foolproof for this program and its 53 minutes length features 60 years of challenge. 

The 60 years of challenge uses smaller physical gestures to build tension in women.

Combining the L.U.S.T system with the 60 years of challenge gives you a foolproof tactic for making the right moves just when it’s right.

Pros of the Unlock the Scrambler Program

  • It applies to all men regardless of their ability and background.
  • The program uses behavioral psychology and has been scientifically proven.
  • It entitles buyers to 60 days money-back guarantee and can try it out.

Cons of the Unlock the Scrambler Program

  • Not for people who don’t have a woman in mind to make a girlfriend.
  • Requires dedication and time to read and master the technique.
  • You need the patience to allow the Scrambler Technique to have effects on you girl.


The Scrambler Technique is for guys who think that a girl is too hot for them and for guys who want to keep their girl dying for them.

If you fall in both or any of this category of guys, be sure to get the Unlock the Scrambler Program and get any girl desperately interested and trying to win you over.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on our Unlock the Scrambler Review. Did we provide enough detail for you to decide if it is worth your time, or not? Thanks!


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